Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Details

For those interested:

We traveled 4,165.9 miles in 10 days.

The most we paid for gas was $4.80; the least was $3.39.

We did NOT see any moose.

We did NOT see the world's largest ball of barbed wire. (we would have if I had known about it sooner).

We did NOT visit Harrison Ford's ranch in Jackson. (I'm sure he would have invited us if he had known we were in town).

We did see buffalo, elk, deer, prairie dogs, and assorted other small critters - crawling and flying.

We did have a great time - seeing a beautiful part of the country!
So until next year.....

1 comment:

BOSSY said...

Harrison Ford is kind of like a moose in a special way, no? Both have enormous heads and are elusive?